Friday, February 17, 2012

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend

I am joining all the Hermits this weekend and spending some quality time with some stitching.  I've been off work for 2 whole weeks now, you would think I would have some more stitching done than I do.  Unfortunately, I've spent more time sleeping and reading than anything else.  I just think that the fibro and the stress from work had me so exhausted, and while I knew that (that's part of the reason I was put out on disability), I just didn't know how much.  My body just craves sleep.  But now we are are on the downhill slide to March, and I need to get my body ready to go back to work, assuming my doctor releases me.

The IHSW falls on the same weekend that is our monthly craft meeting for a ladies club I belong to.  Most of the crafters are scrapbookers, (a former hobby of mine, that I hope to one day return to), but we have a couple of quilters and sewers.  No other needleworkers, but that's okay.  Crafty is crafty.  And I really need some verbal interaction with someone other than my kids and my animals!

I started a new WIP on Valentines Day.  I had all the necessary items to start, except for 10" stretcher bars, so once I got those from 123 Stitch, I was ready to start!

Obviously, this is not cross stitch, but canvas work.  I am really enjoying it, and it's stitching up really fast.  I will be stitching on this for the weekend.

I also hope to start these ornaments:
Sorry for the small image-it's all I could find.  These are Stained Glass Ornaments by Sekas & Company.  They also are more of a needlepoint/canvas work, except on perforated paper. So maybe I'll have one or more of these done too.

As to the picture I labeled as "my home" in the previous post-I don't actually live in the country, but our itty bitty town is surrounded by rice fields.  In the winter, some of the fields are flooded to break down the rice stubble and to get the ground ready for next year's crop.  This picture is from a field located about 10 minutes from my house.  It had about a million (I know, it's an exaggeration) snow geese in the field, but when I walked across the road, they all left.  But it still is a beautiful picture with the sun and the flooded field.  Some day I would love to move outside of town, but with the price of land, I don't think that will ever happen. So it's the next best thing, to be with a few short minutes (literally) of open pastures, and crops.

I'll post updates on my WIP's on Monday morning-have a great weekend!

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