Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday January 8th 2011

I haven't posted at all up til yesterday for the WIPocalypse.  I started having major back pain last Saturday, and by Monday, could hardly move.  It was mostly sciatica pain, and I am fortunate to have a physical therapist on call, and she was able to get me in on Monday.  I went to therapy 3 days in a row, and returned to work on Thursday.  Unfortunately, I still have some major pain going on, and while it isn't the suck in your breath, I can't breathe kinda pain, it is enough to continue with extra pain meds.  I have a horrible time getting comfy in bed, or sitting, so not too much stitching is getting done.  I'm thinking that if it doesn't get better soon, I'll need to return to the dr. and see what else can be done.  I don't know if the sciatica has caused my fibro to raise it's ugly head or what, but I can't live like this much longer.

On to happier thoughts-my son brought home his 1st semester report card on Friday, and has a 4.13 GPA.  He is a junior this year, and has a mix of hard and easy classes.  Regardless, he has a history of not doing homework, studying, etc, and almost flunked 8th grade.  He was determined to not let that continue into high school, and has been on the honor roll for each semester.  This is the first semester grade to be all A's and with his honors English class, it gives him the 4.13 GPA.  He wants to be hair dresser/make up artist after high school, so I have asked him, why is it so important to him to get such good grades.  He said 'Mom, I want to keep my options open".  I swear, the skies opened up, and the angels sang!  I have been saying that to him for quite a while now-he is very intelligent, but I know how important it is to do what you love to do, so I have encouraged him to continue the college prep classes and the take the PSAT, just in case he changes his mind in a year.  To hear him repeat those words to me, and know he meant them, was music to my ears.

My son is the short one, with the pink hair, and with his is his boyfriend Tyler.  Yes, he is gay, he is almost 17, and came out in 7th grade.  No, we do not live in a major city, where you might think this kind of "lifestyle" would be more accepted.  We live in a small town of 6000 people, and the high school has about 500 kids in it, all of who we know, or we know their parents.  We were very scared when he "came out" for his safety, but nothing horrible happened.  He does get teased occasionally, but in high school who doesn't.  It is not a lifestyle choice, it is who he is, and no one in my family was surprised.  He is a wonderful kid, and comfortable in his own skin.  Tyler is a great kid too-I'm am very attached to him, and love him like my own.  I know that their relationship may not last longer than high school (Tyler is a Sophomore, and William a Junior), but his "coming out" did not go over as well with his family.  He knows he is always welcome here, and we don't judge anyone based things you can't change. 

This picture was taken last night, on their way to the Winter Ball, the 1st school dance they have attended as a couple.  They said that no one gave them any crap, and they know all they have to do is tell me if something did happen that made them feel unwelcome, and I would be on the phone.

Sorry if this "offends" anyone, I just refuse to hide my son's life, in the fear that someone may be offended.  I would be posting a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend in the same situation, so I will for my son as well.

Must get off my butt now and find something to do that doesnt' hurt.

Have a good week!


Melissa said...

Sorry about the pain. Hopefully the PT will help. I think you have an amazing son and are a fantastic mom.

stitcheranon said...

I love your son's hair..I had the same way to far back to think lol....and it is wonderful that you love your son for who he is. Hope the pain gets better soon (and hope you do not mind me coming over..the wipopocalypse just offers so many blogs to read lol)

Miamina said...

Another reader brought over by the WIPocalypse, hoping you don't mind me dropping in. As a fellow fibro chick, I can really empathise with your pain, hope it eases soon for you.

You are right to be proud of your son, I wish I was as certain of who I was at that age!

Katie said...

I just happened to see this when checking out the WIPocalypse blogs. I gotta say Wow. You are a great wonderful person to accept your son. Wish there were more people like you in our cruel world. Your son is very lucky.

TinaTx said...

Sorry about the pain - hope it gets better soon.

Awesome GPA! Good that he wants to 'keep his options open'. I tried to get my youngest to get a teaching cert. while he was in college (drama major - 'starving' actor in NY at the moment) but he said that was 'planning to fail' and he could always get that later. (he did graduate, as did his bride - also a drama major but she is a stage manager and has had more paying jobs than he has!) Oh well - sometimes ya just gotta let 'em be.

Mireille said...

How sorry to hear that you have much pain, I hope you will be soon helped.

Congratulations for beeing such a good Mom. I have a daughter of 3,5years and in the world we life it is always possbile that she will tell us later that she is lesbian, well I will also accept her the way she is. It cames once in a conversation with my mother in la, it was for laughing that she says oh your daughter isn't interessted in boys, so i told her SO WHAT. She was very surprised about my reaction :-)


littledebbie said...

I am another WIPocalypse blogger. :) Congrats to your son for being sooo smart. ;) Wish more parents were accepting as you. My sister is lesbian and my dad had a hard time at first. He finally came around. lol I feel it is harder for people in a small town than in a large city to be open, but maybe that can start changing.

Love your blog.

Raven/Missy said...

I am also a WIPocalypse blogger and found your blog through Measi's listing of links to the Jan. 9th entries. I live with chronic pain (though I think a better descriptor [and more accurate] is constant pain) due to nerve damage, bad disks, and a permanent compound fracture of my pelvis. I tell you this so that you know when I say I understand and empathize with your pain, I truly do. I have bad disks, nerve damage in different areas, and a permanent compound fracture of my left SI (sacroilliac) joint that is held together by a surgical steel plate w/screws, and a 6" screw that goes from my hip horizontally through the illeum, joint, and ends half way through my sacrum. I have added you to my thoughts and prayers that your pain eases quickly and the fibro flare also ends quickly! I do understand how this kind of pain can prevent you from stitching.

Congratulations to your son on his GPA, that is fantastic! Further congratulations are in order for his understanding that his education is important enough for him to put forth effort and for his courage in not only coming out but for him having found a good partner (he sure sounds like a good partner). The picture of them together before the dance is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

I'm with you on the whole not judging people for things that are beyond their control such as their sexual orientation. I think it is wonderful that you not only support your son for who he is, but you also extend that support and acceptance to his partner.

I am looking forward to watching your progress on your pieces when you can once again sit and stitch!

Joyus said...

What a lovely post about your son. I'm a WIPocalypse stitcher who is new to your blog so I'm looking forward to keeping up with your WIPs

Susan said...

Another WIPocalypse stitcher. I do hope your pain has minimized. Congratulations to your son on his GPA!! My son did the same thing in middle school - didn't turn in homework, etc. but he had an "AH-HA" moment and buckled down too. Cute picture and I hope they had a good time at the dance.