Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm Back!!!!....

The good news-I'm back. The bad news-I'm back. I know, I think every post I have made says that "I'm back, and I promise to post more often". You know, the road to hell is paved with the best intentions, kinda of thing. Except sometimes I think I am already in hell, so what's there to lose?

Okay, I'm kinda of kidding, but not really. This year has been really difficult. My husband changed jobs in April, and for the 1st time in about 23 years had a job in the small town we lived in. It all sounded so great, no commute, overtime promised, and the chance to work with people he really liked, even though it wasn't a job that used his knowledge and education in CNC programming. Unfortunately, after about the 1st week, the bottom fell out. Long story short, he didn't get to work at the company he wanted to (owner had 2 businesses, and switched him to the business next door), the owners treated him like crap, and in the end, he was bored out of his mind and a little depressed. Then, when told they were going to move the entire business to another town about 50 minutes away, and he would have to go with, he wasn't "enthusiastic" enough (and they truly thought he was going to quit), on this past Monday, they laid him off. I know-bummer!!

But once again, God, Karma, whatever you believe in has once again played into his favor. My husband has been laid off several times before, or left jobs for better ones, it's something we are sort of used to. But due to the economy, and not having any savings left, this time I was really worried that he would be unemployed for a long time. But the silver lining had appeared-I even heard angels singing! While employed with the above company, he worked with a guy who had left his previous employer for what he thought would be a better opportunity for him. He also was laid off earlier in the year for only working a few months. He eventually went back to work with his previous job, and contacted my husband earlier, asking if he was interested in coming to work with him. As things worked out, on the day Lee (hubby) was laid off, he already had an interview with set up with them. And he got the job-starts on Monday! Yay!!!

It's a little further away-1 hour commute. But he is being paid quite a bit more and promised overtime, and this time he believes them. They are buying all new machines, he gets to basically come in on the ground floor, and get them automated. This is a company that has been around for 50 years, and sends their products internationally. You can hear the excitement in his voice, and honestly, that means more than anything. He has been feeling so useless and unappreciated for the last 8 months, this has really lifted his spirits.

The only "bad" part is that he will be an hour away. I have become spoiled, in that he was able to really help with dinners, kids, and me. I have multiple health issues, the worst of which is Fibromyalgia. So somehow, I have to find a way to manage without him around as much.

So that's why I have decided to give myself a kick in in the keister, and will be using this blog to vent, brag, and basically bare my soul when I need to. My goal is to still manage stitching again (I haven't stitched very much since my last finish), continue to read (my most favorite past-time), and try and regain my health to any degree I can. So to any followers out there (if there are any), Yes, this is still my stitching blog, but if you aren't into the personal things of my life, feel free to ignore me. I always try to pressure myself into things, by doing challenges, by setting goals I never can meet, and I just have to stop that. Life is too short-do what you enjoy and try to be the best person you can manage to be.

So I will post more-and no promises are to be made. They won't all be about stitching or reading any more-hence the name change. Well, the name will change once I decide what to change it to! I'm open to any suggestions!


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