Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! (Almost)

All the blogs I have been visiting have been revisiting their 2010 goals and making new ones for 2011. I don't remember if I had any goals for 2010, and I am certainly not going to make any for 2011.

The only things I want to accomplish is some stitching and reading, and getting healthier. I would like to finish all of White Nights and Tuscany Town. I also have decided to join the 2011 SAL at the HAED board. I should be able to get that done in a year. And I would like to learn to sew, so I can make some cute ornaments.

Then there is the boring stuff-I really need to get busy and organize my house. I feel like I can't find anything any more. And my fibro is really kicking up, so I need to find a way to feel better so I can do all the stuff listed above.

My hope is that 2011 brings alot more joy than 2010. I have a daughter that will graduate from high school this year, and then who knows what will change. I hope my husband's job gets better so that he is happier, and I hope I can continue to survive my job, so I will feel better. I thing 2011 will bring alot of changes along with it.

Most of all, I want to continue update this blog. I know I don't have that many followers who read it, but I feel like I need to journal some things in my life, (since I don't have a therapist any more) and I guess this is as good as a place then any.

Here is to a Happy New Year to everyone!

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