Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I've been wanting to read this book for quite some time, and supposedly my local library had it, but I could never locate it. Could be me, could be them, but ended up getting it thru Paperbackswap.

It is the story of a young engaged couple and at the very beginning, you know that Carrie is no longer committed to her relationship. They have been together since they were 14, and she is starting to believe that maybe there is something/someone else out there. Either way, she is not happy about Mike or living in Madison Wisconsin. Then tragedy strikes when Mike dives off the pier at Clausen's Lake and ends up breaking his neck. After being in a coma for several weeks, he awakens and all of a sudden everyone is pressuring Carrie to prove her love to Mike, even though their relationship was starting to fail before the accident. The story then continues with Carrie moving to New York, finding out what is important to her, finding a new lover and then returning home.

I was in a similar situation with the character Carrie in high school. Long story short-a boyfriend of sorts was in a car wreck and paralyzed, and even though our relationship was not serious and in fact I had a new boyfriend (I know, bad choices upon bad choices-I was all of 17 at the time), his parents were pressuring me to tell him that I would be there for him in the future as a girlfriend/wife to give him hope. It was so much pressure, and in fact my mom sent me away to college just to get me away from the whole ordeal. As adult, I would have handled the whole situation differently, but at the time, running away was much easier and my mom obviously thought so too. At least Carrie is older than I was and eventually made better choices.

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