Thursday, November 11, 2010


This was an interesting read. It starts out with a couple who are funeral directors in a mortuary they own. She wants to have a baby, but can't and he has 2 grown children. So, at some point they decide to adopt, but after the first attempt goes awry, a 2nd chance comes in the form of a 2 year old Vietnamese boy. From then on, the story is told in 2 voices, one in the mom-to-be, and one in the voice of a Vietnamese immigrant who owns a store in North Carolina. They become friends, and when the husband decides he doesn't want to be a dad again, they go to Vietnam together.

To me, that is when the story becomes interesting. I loved reading about Mai's reintroduction to Hanoi after leaving 23 years ago and having to face her family after a family tragedy. I much preferred her story, than even the the story about the adoption.

I gave 4 stars to this one-if you anyway queasy about the jobs funeral directors do, skip the first chapter. I even gave me the heebie-jeebies!

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