Monday, October 25, 2010

New Challenge for me!

Over on the Chatelaine message board, there is a WIP killer challenge-it runs from 10/31/10 thru 1/31/11. My goal is to finish all of White Nights.

Saturday was the monthly craft day at the Monday Afternoon Club. There was about 8 of us there this time. 2 gals made bags (sewn) and Debby gave the instructions, 1 gal was sewing her kids' Halloween costumes, there were 3 scrapbookers, and one quilter. Oh-and me, the only stitcher. But that's okay, I just like having a day to just stitch without too much interruption, and even if the others aren't stitchers, I know they can appreciate the work that goes into it.

Summer finally has come to an end around here, and I think Winter is here. Not much of a fall, unless it decides to warm back up and the rain will go away. For the rice farmers, the rain needs to stop long enough for the ground to dry back out, but I don't know if that is going to happen. It is a really late harvest this year-usually they are long gone done by now.

In book news, I am still participating in the Seasonal Reading Challenge, but I am more intent in getting my stash lowered! So I have started reading my books that I have acquired in the order I received them, and if they satisfy a task in the challenge, great, if not, at least the book will come off my shelves and go back on Paperbackswap. Course, it would help if I would stop ordering more (3 more came in today!) or stop going to the library!

Report cards came in today-both kids are on the honor roll! Julia has a 3.71 GPA and William's is just a little lower. Of course, Julia is a senior, without too many hard classes, and William is a sophomore with alot of college prep course work, so I am proud of both of them!

Julia had her first real job start today. It is only for a couple of days, and it is in my office, but it's a start. She is a little timid and kind of has to take baby steps, so for her, it is a huge step. All she has to do is stuff envelopes with tax bills (sorry, fellow taxpayers), but it is a huge help to us. We are severely understaffed and have to have them in the mail by Friday, so she is really helping us out.

That's all for now. I am going to try for a post a week-and I am going to give up my book blog and and just post here about the books I am reading. It's too much work to post on both. So I hope you like reading about reading and stitching!

Have a great week!

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