Saturday, October 30, 2010


Finally finished "Wicked". I had started reading this book probably about a year ago, but just couldn't get in what felt like "a weird adult fairy tale". But then last spring I got to go see the musical in San Francisco, and I loved it. I wanted to go again, but time and funds slipped away, so I didn't make it. I loved the singing, the story, and the happish (is that real word? Probably not) ending.

So I vowed I would take another stab at the book. And it was almost a completely different story than the play. Granted, some things cannot be translated from book to stage, but the story was very much altered, almost beyond recognition.

Did I like the story independent of the play-it was okay. Not my usual reading fare. Did I love the play-absolutely.

I guess you can take a book and turn it into something better! (In my opinion anyway!)

Hopefully there will be some stitchy pics this weekend. We'll see how it goes!

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