Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Stitched Today!

No pictures but I stitched and beaded for about 6 hours today. Our local Monday Afternoon Club has opened an Art & Crafts subgroup, and for $45 a year, we have a craft day once a month from 9am to 9pm. You have to realize I live in a town of 6000, with one quilt store and Wally World as my choice of shopping/craft experience (I don't quilt). So today, I went about 9 and set up my lamp so I could bead some more on White Nights, and when I grew tired of that I started part 11 of Tuscany Town. I feel like I didn't get much done, but beading takes so much time-that and I sat with my friend/family member/boss, Debby. We can get awful chatty. I will take some pictures later this weekend.

I saw on the HAED board that Nene Thomas was charted, so I bought 2. I think I may have to chart at least one of those up pretty soon!

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