Saturday, May 15, 2010

The week in review

It has been another crazy week here. Last Saturday was Lamb Derby, a local festival to celebrate the new lamb season. Back long ago when it first started, they actually had "lamb" events-you know, like lamb chasing, lamb shearing etc. Now, we just have a beauty pageant, a parade, and then a lamb barbeque. I don't know- seems weird to celebrate lambs, then eat them. Anyway, Will and Julia were both in the parade this year-William in the high school band, and Julia on her own go-cart.

Unfortunately, Julia's go-cart began to smoke just as she was getting to the competition zone, so she had to pull over. Seems that the plastic cover that protects the motor had a screw that vibrated loose and the cover slipped, touching the motor. The plastic started to melt, and boy did that smell! But I am still proud of my girl-she is very shy and anxious about things, and she really wanted to do this. She was upset she didn't get to finish, but I tried to remind her that she needed to be proud of herself for trying-that was the important thing!

Other than that, my sister and her kids came down for Mother's day. It was nice to see them, and we had a good time. Or at least I think my mom did. My sister tends to nag about her hoarding tendencies, which makes me crazy. She is 77 year old woman-she has a right to buy what she wants. It is still a worrisome though, when she says she still has all my dad's paystubs for his whole lifetime. Keep in mind my dad has been dead for 17 years-obviously she still has a hard time getting rid of stuff.

Monday was a busy day of dr. appointments and generally not feeling well. What else is new. Wednesday, I was a driver for Will's choir class to go down to see the play "Wicked" in San Francisco. I was terrified to drive down there, as usually Lee does all the driving. But I looked at some maps (and brought some with me) so I would at least have an idea of where I was going, and it all worked out. I had a car full of girls, and Will, and we had a great time, singing, listening to the radio, and telling jokes. The play was wonderful-I want to go again this summer.

Thursday was fairly uneventful, and Friday was our 22nd wedding anniversary. No, we didn't do anything-for some reason we are broke this week. It was just another day, but I still love him, probably more than the day I married him. He has put up with so much with me-I'm a kook and with all my health issues.

Today is just a housework/laundry day, and a reading day. It's a 24 hour reading challenge on the GoodReads board (the 144 books a year group) and I have already finished one book. No, I am not staying up all night tonight reading-I need my sleep!

Hopefully I will have some stitchy pictures this week. I have been working on Tuscany Town and am trying to finish part 6 (I think it is 6) before I move on to something else. Now that Sunnia is done, I need to start working on another HAED-just need to decide which one.

On a sidenote, I know I keep changing my blog from Wordpress to Blogger and back. If I knew how to design my own website, I would be happier, as I like parts of each, and I dislike parts of each. But I like how pictures look on Blogger, and if the pictures look crappy, why post them. So I moved back here and started a whole new blog. My WP blog is still open, I can't bear to delete it because it has all my finish pictures from the last couple of years. So until I figure out something else, I'll keep posting here. I hope people can find me!

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