Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuscany Town Update

I finished most of part 6 except for the backstitching and the jessica stitches. I just want to make little "x's", so I moved on to the last set of buildings on the bottom.

It's been a strange weather week around here-we've had sun, rain, warm and cold. Right now we are at barely 60 degrees, usually we are in the 80's at least at this time of year. Sometimes even hotter.

Only 9 more school days left. Julia is failing math (surprise, surprise), so she has to get her act together by next Friday, or she will be taking math again as a senior. Not what she wants. So we will see how she manages to bring her grade up in 5 days.

Next week will be loads of fun. I have dr appt on Monday, and an appt with the school nurse for William for next year. Wednesday, I have to have a "special" procedure, one that requires cleaning out your system, so I will be home on Tuesday. Not looking forward to it.

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