Sunday, January 26, 2014

1st month of Stitching

Happy Sunday to Everyone!

It's another beautiful day here in Northern California, yesterday we had a high of about 74 degrees.  While I am sure that sounds lovely to those of you freezing your behinds off, we are in a serious drought situation.  We already have trees blooming, which is a bad thing, especially if we do finally get some winter weather and freezes.  So pray for some warmish long rain, and hopefully we will have enough water for the summer months.

I didn't have much time or ummph to stitch this month. I'm finding those little "x's" rather small these days.  That, and I didn't have a Ott light to stitch with.  But I did find out which direction was "up" my Mirabilia, and managed to get a few stitches in.  It's mostly flesh color, so I don't know if you can see it all.

So I have decided to move to another project.  This is a Chatelaine-Tuscany Town Mandala. I have been working on it for years.  I'm thinking at least 2009.  I could go back and look, but I don't want to depress myself!

I didn't spend any money this month, thought I was strangely tempted to!

One more thing-I am having a heck of a time "grabbing the button" from the Epic Stitching blog.  I've done it before, but I just can't figure it out.  So if anyone has any suggestions, or can give some instruction, I would appreciate it.!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

She's back-Again!

Hello, is anyone out there?  I know, I've been gone from blogging for over a year and half.  I've been on Facebook, and enjoying all the posts there, and I've been reading some of the blogs, but for the most part, have dropped out of the stitching world all together.  I did try to start a few things, but didn't get very far on anything.

So since I last posted, my oldest daughter had stopped going to college, and had gotten a job at the local Wal-Mart.  She was working the night shift (10pm-7am), which totally suits her biological clock.  However, she also missed alot, she was either at work, or sleeping.  But she stayed on for a year, and then for a variety of reasons, decided to quit.  She is now back in counseling, taking meds, and trying to deal with the anxiety that is crippling her life.  I'm hopeful she will make it, and find the one thing it takes to learn how to make it.

My son graduated from high school in June 2013, and moved about 80 miles north of us to go to college.  He is living in the dorms, and is a music major.  He loves school, and plays in the Symphony, the Symphonic Band, the Youth Symphony, and the Choir.  He was also asked to audition for the Chamber Choir, so he will be performing in that group this new semester.  He also had general education classes, and manged to pull all A's and one B for his first semester.  Pretty good for being on his own for the very first time.

My kids are obviously very different, but yes, they have the same parents!  It's interesting-kids can be so different, and yet share so much of the same DNA.  They do share the same sense of humor, they are both short and share the same coloring.  And they are both very artistic, just in different things.

I am still dealing with my fibromyalgia and now back issues.  That is the main reason I had stopped stitching.  I find it really had to sit and stitch for any length of time.  But I so miss it.  So when I saw the Stitch From Stash Challenge on Mel's Epic Stitching Blog, I figured that was the challenge for me.  I have spent very little money on stash the last couple of years, yet I have tons to stitch.  Because there is no "finish" I feel like I have to have, just some progress and minimal to no shopping, I am hoping it will encourage me to at least put a few stitches in, until the mojo kicks in! And I am hoping to get some of my back issues treated, and be in less pain, so that will help too.

The first thing I will work on will be Mirabilia's Petal Fairy.  I started it last year, but didn't get very far, as the picture below will show you:

I'm not even sure the top photo is sitting in the right direction.  But I will know once I start stitching in the next few days.

So let's hope I will have a progress picture posted in the next few weeks, and if there is anyone out there, thank you!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I know, I have been gone for quite some time.  After I went back to work on the 1st of March, my life just seemed to spiral out of my control, if not physically, at least mentally.  I did feel well enough to go back to work, and fortunately had enough vacation time on the books to cover 4 weeks, as my disability was denied.  Apparently the company that manages our county disability program was under the impression that I was off work due to stress (what they classify as a mental illness), and not because I was ill with my fibromyalgia and celiac disease.  I am fighting it, but it has taken a lot of time to get all my doctors information together to fight it.  I still don't know if they will cover it, and I almost don't even feel like fight for it, but I would like my 160 hours of vacation time back if possible.  But none the less, I felt like the time off did benefit me.  I really felt like I suffered from exhaustion, as I think I slept almost the whole month.  I still even feel better now, 3, almost 4 months later, but am still dealing with pain.

I am really struggling with my life and where it is going.  I have two children that still live at home, one who is finishing up her 1st year of college, and has decided to not return in the fall.  So now she must get a job, as I can't just let her mooch off of me forever.  It's hard-it would be easier to just let her continue to live her as if she is a child, but she isn't-she'll be 20 in July.  She just has terrible anxiety and fear of the world, and she has to figure out how she is going to be able to manage that.  I've tried for years-counseling, medication, advise, everything.  She just has to do it herself.  And I will miss her when she is gone.

And my other child-he will be a senior in high school in the fall.  The year will just fly by, and he is one who won't stay home after high school.  He is anxious to start his new life, on to bigger and better things.

And that leaves just me and the hubster.  And what we are going to do with ourselves.  We had children pretty young (just celebrated our 24 year anniversary last week), and so when our son graduates, I will be 45 and DH will be 46.  We better figure out what we like to do together here pretty soon.

So I am at loose ends-and not just about the kids and family.  I feel like I am a little lost.  I have been burying myself in books for the last couple of months (okay, maybe years), and haven't put but a few stitches in things since my last post.  And now the reading is starting to slow down.  I just have no direction.

So, since I can't afford a therapist (time or money), I'm gonna be blogging about me.  Talking, trying to figure some things out, trying to deal with my health issues, and my total lack of ooppmhhh.  Feel free to run past my posts-no hurt feelings here, and I am going to make myself start stitching again-something easy, and something I love, and remember to take pictures and post them here.  And if anyone one has any advise-whether it is about how to get my stitching mojo back, or how to get "me" back, I would truly appreciate it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend-February edition

 Here are the 5 ornaments I stitched up over the IHSW.  They aren't really finished, as I have to decide what to back them with, and them trim them up and add a hanger.  But the stitching part is done.  I have 3 more (I think) left to do.  These are designed by Sekas & Co.

And this is the progress I made on this one.  I started it on Tuesday, and by Friday, I had 2 sides of the purple glitter thread done.  I tried working on this at our monthly craft meeting, but this thread was making me crazy.  So then I started the triangle borders, but I really needed to concentrate, and that is hard to do when you are too busy visiting with your friends.  So I put it aside and worked on the ornaments.  I'll work on it again this week, and hopefully finish before I go back to work.

Hope you all have a wonderful day (hopefully if you are in the US, you have today off), and a wonderful week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend

I am joining all the Hermits this weekend and spending some quality time with some stitching.  I've been off work for 2 whole weeks now, you would think I would have some more stitching done than I do.  Unfortunately, I've spent more time sleeping and reading than anything else.  I just think that the fibro and the stress from work had me so exhausted, and while I knew that (that's part of the reason I was put out on disability), I just didn't know how much.  My body just craves sleep.  But now we are are on the downhill slide to March, and I need to get my body ready to go back to work, assuming my doctor releases me.

The IHSW falls on the same weekend that is our monthly craft meeting for a ladies club I belong to.  Most of the crafters are scrapbookers, (a former hobby of mine, that I hope to one day return to), but we have a couple of quilters and sewers.  No other needleworkers, but that's okay.  Crafty is crafty.  And I really need some verbal interaction with someone other than my kids and my animals!

I started a new WIP on Valentines Day.  I had all the necessary items to start, except for 10" stretcher bars, so once I got those from 123 Stitch, I was ready to start!

Obviously, this is not cross stitch, but canvas work.  I am really enjoying it, and it's stitching up really fast.  I will be stitching on this for the weekend.

I also hope to start these ornaments:
Sorry for the small image-it's all I could find.  These are Stained Glass Ornaments by Sekas & Company.  They also are more of a needlepoint/canvas work, except on perforated paper. So maybe I'll have one or more of these done too.

As to the picture I labeled as "my home" in the previous post-I don't actually live in the country, but our itty bitty town is surrounded by rice fields.  In the winter, some of the fields are flooded to break down the rice stubble and to get the ground ready for next year's crop.  This picture is from a field located about 10 minutes from my house.  It had about a million (I know, it's an exaggeration) snow geese in the field, but when I walked across the road, they all left.  But it still is a beautiful picture with the sun and the flooded field.  Some day I would love to move outside of town, but with the price of land, I don't think that will ever happen. So it's the next best thing, to be with a few short minutes (literally) of open pastures, and crops.

I'll post updates on my WIP's on Monday morning-have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

2nd Post for the WIPocalypse

I'll be honest- I haven't done much stitching since I gave up on "Coffee House".  Now that I am on my medical leave, I hoped to have more energy and spare time to stitch (and the urge to stitch), but so far that hasn't panned out.  I've been busy with doctor appointments, reading, and sleeping. 

So here are my photos on what I did work on.  First up-I started a new HAED.  It is Deirdre by Nene Thomas.

I know-looks like a blob!

Next, I worked on Chatelaine's Tuscany Town.  I'm coming up on 4 years working on this, I really want to finish it this year. First is my before picture:

And after:

That's it for now!  Have a wonderful week!